Client FAQs

  • In what states do you operate?

    GCR staffs in every state in the US.

  • Can we switch your contractors to permanent employees, if we wish?

    Yes, you can. Generally there is a 6-month contractor period. If you wish to convert a contractor to permanent employee before the end of that period, there will be a pro-rated fee.

  • How do you find your candidates?

    We use a proprietary web based application tracking software system that continually updates, along with all major web source job boards, and candidate referrals.

  • Do you provide employee benefits?

    Yes, GCR offers benefits to W-2 candidates, after meeting an initial 90-day eligibility period. These benefits include:

    • Medical insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield (HMO or PPO Plans)
    • 401K Retirement Plan, administered through The Hartford and managed online 
    • Paid Time Off (PTO)
    • Membership in the Hanscom Federal Credit Union 
    • Direct Deposit for paychecks
  • How long does it take to fill a job order after receipt?

    Depending on the complexity of the position and the skill set you need, we will have a list of qualified candidates on your desk within 24-48 hours. Often, you will get that list in just a few hours.

  • What verticals do support?

    GCR supports all stages and facets of IT, design, research and development, and manufacturing.

  • Where is GCR based?

    We are a nationwide staffing agency with corporate headquarters in Burlington, MA and another office in Cary, NC.

  • Does GCR do background checks and drug testing?

    Depending on what you need, GCR can perform background checks (county, state, federal), 10-panel drug screens, DMV checks, 8570 certification, social security verification, E-Verify, education verification, reference checks, and credit and financial checks.

  • What industries do you staff?

    GCR works across all technical industries including defense, IT, medical device, telcom, pharmaceuticals, financial, biotech, commercial electronics, life sciences, homeland security, aerospace, environmental, green technologies, automotive, chip set design, industrial control, energy and power, banking, retail, aeronautical, storage, cyber-security, and utilities.

  • Will GCR accommodate to the client’s method for time keeping?

    No matter what kind of time-keeping system you use, GCR can work with you.

  • Can you meet my company’s reporting requirements on a monthly basis?

    Yes, we tailor our reporting to whatever specifications you need. GCR is happy to meet specific customer requirements and create custom reporting on a routine basis to help you with your internal budgeting and year-end analysis.

  • Can you handle candidate travel expenses?

    GCR is happy to arrange and book candidate travel costs and will bill them to your company with no additional markup.

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