GCR Advantage

GCR is large enough to reach the people you need, but small enough to provide the personalized attention you crave.

In today’s leaner economy, maximizing productivity and profitability depends on having a full complement of top-tier employees every day. You cannot afford to waste time with large staffing companies whose main goal is to extend their reach. While they’re busy asking you for contacts elsewhere in your company, GCR remains focused exclusively on your immediate needs and the fastest way to deliver the best candidates available. If you ask for an IT Engineer today, then we concentrate on IT. If tomorrow, you’re looking for a GUI Developer, we shift our focus. We always take our lead from you, the client.

With GCR, it’s about relationship, because relationships help us provide better customer service. At GCR, each one of us takes the time to personally get to know both clients and candidates. In an industry where high turnover is the norm, at GCR you’ll likely work with the same recruiter for years. That way, we can offer more than the technical knowledge of what your company needs. We develop an in-depth knowledge of your company’s culture and its more intangible requirements. That’s how GCR consistently generates a list of candidates who are not only technically qualified, based on your job description, but also possess the personal qualities that will help your team succeed.


"My recruiter checked in with me regularly to see how things were going, but never too often and never about positions that didn’t match my skill set. Every few months he’d ask me to lunch and we talked about the industry. He was very knowledgeable about what was going on."

Frank Plankey

PhD Chemistry

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